About Us


Friends, I come before you today with a message of passion and purpose. My name is Atiya, and through my company Love Identity Candle Co., it is my mission to bring wellness, mindfulness and self-care into your home.

I started this journey to escape the toxic stress of my previous career, where I felt more like a cog in a machine than a person. As an accountant for a massive construction firm, I found myself drowning in misery as the demands of the job wore down my mind, body and spirit. My asthma flare ups and migraines were a constant struggle which ultimately was the cause of my extreme Anxiety & Depression.

It was then that I discovered the healing power of candle making ordering a candle kit off of Amazon. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing lol. But me being the Libra that I am. I found a way! And I was Amazing at it ! By crafting each one by hand pouring using natural, non-toxic ingredients, I am able to control what goes into our products to make them safer for folks like me and my son who also deal with sensitivities. The slow, meditative process allows me to express my creativity and find joy. Having the freedom of basking into my creative that I suppressed for so long because of my job made me come alive inside again. The tension and stress that once caused me such harm was no more. That's when I decided to become my Own Boss.

Beyond health, our candles carry messages meant to promote reflection on what truly matters - love, peace, personal growth. I never imagined that God would place me here, giving me a way to help heal others through the persuasive power of scent. It is my hope that one day, Love Identity can provide alternatives to the toxic options that currently fill our homes, bringing light and wellness instead.

Friends, you have the power to support my mission. When you light one of our candles, you are choosing wellness over worry, mindfulness over misery. You are choosing love and light.


My Foundation 

My grandmother Clydell McFadden was a big inspiration for me. Born & Raised in 1929 during the Great Depression in countryside of Sumter ,South Carolina. A true woman of God and took pride in providing for her family by any means necessary. She always believed in freedom of expression. She taught me the importance of moving through life with grace, love and an open heart. Her Love was my Home and she provided every man, woman and child in our small community in East Falls, Philadelphia her southern comfort. Those who truly got to experience her loved her like no other. Since losing her in 2020, candle making has been my way to feel close to her spirit and values. I hope when you burn one of our candles, you'll find some tranquility and take time for reflection, just as she would want.

So whether you're looking for a safe, non-toxic candle or just want some zen time, I hope Love Identity can be a small part of cultivating more love and harmony in your world. Thank you for supporting our small business and mission of promoting stress relief through scent.