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I believe Love & Identity are two profound aspects of our human experience. It's intricately woven within the fabric of our lives. Love has a way of shaping our relationships but the identity sculpts our understanding of one self. Scent is subjective, so it's important to us to allow all to able to identity life simple pleasures through scent. We use scientific studies to nurture the relationships between aromas and emotions to make you feel good. Each candle 6oz vessel offers 25-30 plus hours of burn time. A full sensory experience for your well-being and caters to many scent palettes. Our candle cards come with an intentional message to help encourage throughout each burn a positive mindset. Smell the stress away!


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Say Goodbye to Poor Quality Scents and High Prices at Big Box Stores

Finding peace of mind with safe scented home decor products . We Can Help!
Are you trying to eliminate toxic house hold products around your love ones?

Do you suffer from itchy and burning eyes from your scented candles ?

We understand how important it is to trust the products you use. as someone with sensitive skin and asthma, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to trust certain brands that claim to be safe, but aren't. That's why we're completely transparent with our customers about our unique process. our candles are crafted with 100% natural coconut soy wax, infused with therapeutic grade essential oils and clean fragrance oils, and they last much longer than those found in large retail stores.
You can rest easy knowing that our candles are free of Phthalates, carcinogens, Paraffin waxes, toxins, and other hazardous chemicals commonly found in fragrance scented candles.These compounds causes Benzene and Toluene to be released causing those itchy eyes, coughing and even headaches.

 Metals or toxins in our wicks? Not here ! Our triple cotton wicks burn cleanly because they are dipped in a natural wax coating, eliminating excessive black soot and additional toxins. No more black walls on our watch.
Supporting small handcraft businesses allows us to produce products with integrity & with a special touch. We love what we do. So it’s just different! You’re not just another number! All of your ways of supporting matter to us ! You matter! And so does your family’s well being!
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